JYF-03B Big drum coating machine

JYF-03B Big drum coating machine

Product Name:Big drum coating machine

Product Type:JYF-03B
Product  Usage:Characteristic:it gathered skillfully the tradictional function of coating,laminating and dring.All these processes can be done on the big drum so that it saves the space and energy consumption significantly,and easy to operate.Besides,it can work with carrier (release paper) or without carrier,You don’t need to use release paper if the product doesn’t need any specific decorative design.

While working without carrier,we just need to coat the resin directly to the big drum,surface,then laminate and separate it from the drum,the finish product comes out.It saves cost significantly.

Embossing,printing can be added to realize that the most function could be done in one machine.

Go a step further,we can make 2 or 3 coating device for different process.

Product Description:

 Compare  Length  Speed  Energy  Power  Release paper  Embossing/printing on line
 Traditional type  70-110M  25M/min  1500000Kcal  140KW  needed  Can not be added
 Big drum coating  15-30M  10M/min  150000Kcal  30KW  optional  Can be added